Download mạng internet Explorer 8 không lấy phí with a new private browsing mode and Web Slice function. IE8 offers important improvements regarding both speed & security


Rivalry between the different web browsers is terrifying, but everyone always remembers mạng internet Explorer because it was one of the first khổng lồ be launched. Despite the fact that the rest of companies have launched applications that are capable of overshadowing Microsoft"s browser, Internet Explorer is still one of the most widespread website browsers, mainly due khổng lồ being distributed together with Windows operating systems. Internet Explorer 8 is one of the latest versions to lớn be launched.

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Higher speed, better performance và more security whilst browsing

Once you download Internet Explorer 8 you"ll obtain an optimized version of the browser that offers new & improved features with which it has maintained that leading position. Internet Explorer 8 includes all kinds of improvements developed for its final user, that range from the increase of the browsing speed & improve the compatibility with the W3C standards.


New InPrivate private browsing mode: access the website maintaining your privacy with this new system, that is also known as "porno mode", that avoids the browsing history being stored.Web Slice: allows IE8 khổng lồ detect the latest changes and new contents on your favorite website & to provide you with information about them from the favorites bar.Use accelerators to increase the speed when carrying out various ordinary tasks.

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Carry out intelligent searches using your favorite suppliers. Obtain suggestions as you write khổng lồ obtain related text or images.New compatibility view: view websites designed for versions prior to lớn IE8.Improve your security on the mạng internet with the SmartScreen filter, a new anti-phishing filter for the reception và delivery of emails.Automatic Crash Recovery (ACR): if Internet Explorer 8 suffers problems và blocks while being used or it closes down, launch this option lớn recover the tabs that you had open.

Even more innovations that you shouldn"t miss

The visual changes khổng lồ Internet Explorer 8 are minimal compared to previous versions. Nevertheless, you"ll find new and exciting functions in what regards lớn how it is used. As well as those we have already detailed, you will have access khổng lồ a new plug-in manager for mạng internet Explorer 8 to lớn easily install and uninstall these components as well as the bothersome toolbars.

A new quick xuất hiện tab viewer or the suggested websites function that offers websites that are similar khổng lồ the trang web that you"re visiting complete the range of new features of IE8.

You can now get hold of Internet Explorer 8 and tải về one of the best browsers available free of charge.