Máy Lọc Không Khí Sharp Kc-F30Ev-W


The combination of 3 air purifying systems (The HEPA filter - the deodorizing filter - the primary dust filter)

Collecting dust: The primary dust filter can restain the big dust in the air.

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Deodorization: The deodorant filter helps reduce common odors in the house such as cigarette smell, pets smell, body sweat, mold smell, ammonia, garbage smell, và food smell.

Reduce pollen & mold: The HEPA filter can collect up khổng lồ 99, 97% dust particles with a small form size of around 0.3micro. The air purifier works according lớn the mechanism that the machine sucks in the air into it, then leading the air through the primary filter, deodorant filter, and the HEPA filter as the final layer & returns the fresh air to lớn the room as the result.

EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE IN DAILY USE - AIR unique INDICATOR và AUTOMATIC OPERATIONThe sensing function shows us the air condition in the room when it needs lớn be cleaned.


The system generates the humidity by naturally evaporating in the air, helps keep your skin và neck not being drying, and lacking moisture.

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*This is being tested by the Japanese Food Research Laboratory. Testing method: Plasmacluster ions are released to a laboratory with an area of about 8m3. Then scientists will take the air sample in the room & use specialized equipment lớn measure the amount of mold. Applying the above method for the room with humidity in comparison with no humidity-room.

EASY OPERATIONAble to lớn turn off the waiting-timing for convenient use. The timer can be set to lớn 1, 2, 4, và 8 hours.
THE DUST, TEMPERATURE, and HUMIDITY SENSING FEATUREWith this feature, the machine will notice the air, temperature, and humidity conditions in the room so that you can easily adjust to a suitable mode.


Water tray & the humidity filterThe water tray is an important part of the humidification system, which is integrated with a humidity filter floating in the water, maintaining the humidity cấp độ stable. The temperature and humidity sensing part adjust the airflow & from that control the room’s humidity.The removable 1.8L water tray can be filled easily. You can pour water directly into the tray or remove the tray from the machine và then fill the water in.The humidity filter is integrated into the water tray. When the water is filled full, the humidity filter will float on the surface of the water. The longevity of this filter is up khổng lồ 5 years.

*The statics mentioned above refers khổng lồ an approximate quantity of ions per cm3 of the air released from the dehumidifier equipped with a high-concentration Plasmacluster ion generating unit which was measured at the center point (1.2 meter height above the floor) with the floor area applied with the maximum airflow và when the dehumidifier was placed against the wall.